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GreenLife : Go Green & Plant Trees for Healthy Lifestyle | A NGO (Non Government Organization ) working for the Protection of Environment, Good Health, Education and Global Warming Issue,Support Anna Hazare

GreenLife is continuously striving to protect the Environment , by educating people to live a healthy lifestyle. As the most essential components of human life are Clean Air, Pure Water, Good Health, Education and Energy.

Why Greenlife ?

We give you an opportunity to work for the promotion of environment, through different Events, Activities and Green Campiagn Programmes. Join us and start working for your region.

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really feeling well after planting at least few trees and pouring water to small trees gives me that we are also creators of new trees

Ramomohanarotanuku , Kakinada

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Go Green For Good Health

A recent study from Harvard Medical School found that people who had fresh flowers in their homes for just a few days felt less anxious and negative. They were happier, and had more enthusiasm and energy at work too. "It's amazing that such a small addition to one's environment can be so powerful," says study author Nancy Etcoff, PhD, director of the Program in Aesthetics and Well Being at Massachusetts General Hospital and a faculty member at Harvard Medical School.


5 Minutes to change the culture


Green & Clean Cities


Green Warrior Award-2010

ISB&M School Of Communication.